On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, Zurich, Lars Schall talked with the young Dutchman Koos Jansen about Chinese gold policy. Koos Jansen, born 1981, worked as a sound engineer in Amsterdam, before he became disabled in 2013. During that year, he started his financial blog "In Gold We Trust" (http://www.ingoldwetrust.ch/). In just a relatively short period Jansen gathered an incredible amount of information about the Chinese gold market and gained much insight into the role of gold in international financial markets. He now shares his information and experiences vividly with a larger audience. Like other commentators Jansen sees the development in China as an expression of the shift of power from the West towards the East. In his estimation, Chinese authorities have by now between 3.000 -- 4.000 tons of gold in their vaults in order to support the internationalization of the Yuan.