In this interview, Egon von Greyerz discusses with Jochen Staiger of Commodity TV the massive energy accumulated in gold & silver over the last six years. Once this force unravels, it will lead to the next explosive move higher.

On how to time the move, Egon commented: Based on the broken Maginot line, at $1,350, a huge rally will unfold this autumn, and simultaneously a major stock market fall.


  • How the governments around the world propel the gold rally by destroying paper currencies
  • Central Banks: ECB, FED, BOJ, PBOC, all promised to debase their currencies by printing unlimited amounts of money in order to support their rotten economies
  • Mega bubbles will implode with an unprecedented endgame of epic proportions
  • Ultimately governments will be the buyers of last resort of worthless bonds, which will lead to a worldwide asset implosion
  • Nightmares unfolding: Massive collapse of asset and debt values, world’s stock markets will enter secular and long lasting bear market
  • Pensioners will suffer
  • 1980 Inflation adjusted gold price should be at $18’000
  • Silver is massively undervalued, could reach $666
  • The world awaiting us will be very difficult , a lot of people will suffer