At the opening of the commodity market, gold has been under a major attack.



In 2015, I told you about a violent downward opening ($1050 per ounce) and then confirmed the increase to come when the price was still at $1300.

What happened this morning very strongly looks like a “cleaning” of stop losses and “weak hands”.

Another positive argument that militates for gold (and incidentally silver) is that real rates are diving:



Money savers are super stuck between negative return on their accounts and inflation coming out of the woods.

I found some very interesting comments from specialists such as:




We can see that Switzerland is exporting more and more gold, to China in particular:


Some central banks are buying, and this is physical!

India has already accumulated 36 tonnes since the beginning of the year:




In summary, I think it’s a good signal for bullish people on gold.

Original source: Crottaz-finance