In this interview, Egon von Greyerz speaks to Tom Bodrovics from Palisade Radio about the cyclical and repetitive nature of the current economic situation and shares his concerns about increasing debt and central banks’ response.

“The world is at a point where the risk is at absolute maximum” says Egon, stating that a debt implosion is inevitable.

Governments are spending more money than they are receiving and are running deficits. As has happened throughout history, the response of central banks and governments is to print more money. But where will this lead?

In this enlightening discussion, Egon explains how these problems date back to the beginning of the century and previous economic crises, such as the 2006-9 global recession. According to Egon, we saw the first warning signs in September 2019, but we’re starting to see the real effects now.

Egon goes on to discuss how COVID-19 was the catalyst, but not the cause, for today’s events, and how he fears that we are heading for a period of serious decline. Debt can’t be fixed with more debt, but central banks and governments don’t seem to understand this fact. That’s why investors need to prepare today for the inevitable decline.

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Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland

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