Tom Bodrovics welcomes back the double-charting dynamic duo partnership edition of Palisades. The Market Weather Forecaster Kevin Wadsworth and Proprietary Capital Manager Patrick Karim have now teamed up at to bring you their 'baddest' charts and market weather forecasts. Patrick discusses how the dollar breaks down when one factors inflation. He expects a further fifty percent decline in purchasing power over the coming years. Kevin outlines the 30-year bond yields and the ever-increasing national debt. We're in some sort of final death and debt spiral. Unlike in the past, we can't raise rates so how this plays out is anyone's guess. Patrick discusses how real rates compare with gold and how an end-game scenario may play out. He doesn't feel that equities can outperform gold for much longer. Patrick looks at the charts for silver and how patterns repeat when contrasted with the Dow. We have a clear cup and handle on the long-term chart for silver. Silver continues to fill out the handle pattern and seemingly has a lot of potential upside. Kevin examines what the future of copper may hold considering future growth in electrification. The current surge in commodity prices may be short-lived, but the long-term trend seems more evident.

Talking points:

- Dollar decline and inflation charts
- Yields, Bonds and the National Debt
- Expectations for Gold and Silver
- Commodities and Crypto

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