The stock market is on fire. We have this bull market which took over 11 years, so it was just a question of, when the depression would start. We are now in a major correction and everything is correcting, even gold and silver. Willem Middelkoop says to be patient. Because of this crisis, demands for gold and silver will increase. All countries east of Germany are buying and adding to that physical global reserves and the BRICS countries are talking about the new financial system.

It is the big reset fight ongoing. It is a fight between the US and China, and China supporting Russia. A monetary standard like a world reserve currency as the dollar and most of these systems are around for 92 years (on average). It is time for the dollar to pass and give room for another world reserve currency. We are moving away from a unipolar to a multipolar world. These changes often bring a lot of tension. Crisis can bring stock markets down and this is always good for the demands for gold and silver.

Willem M. has 25% of physical gold and silver in his personal portfolio.

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