Egon von Greyerz interviewed by Jan Kneist’s of Goldseiten.

The ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court sets Germany against the EU. A planned crash? Southern Europe cannot exist without tourism. But the bang will probably come from the US, which despite huge QE programmes is plunging into a depression that will make the 1930s seem small. Almost 40% unemployment, while at the same time food prices are rising. Globally, up to 1.6 billion people could become unemployed, affecting developing countries in particular. Society changing events are looming. Inflation adjusted gold price $18,100. Silver move will be spectacular.



  • BVG ruling – Deathblow for the Euro or planned?
  • Weak countries have no chance in the Euro
  • EU – a huge scam that worked for a while
  • Club Med hangs on tourism
  • ECB balance sheet grows strongly. Even without the Bundesbank?
  • FED balance sheet grows from $4.1 trillion to $6.7 trillion in one month
  • CPI -0.8%, many prices fall, essential goods become more expensive
  • Official US unemployment 14.7%
  • Wrong, without calculation errors even 19%
  • Unemployment according to ShadowStats 35% or 39%
  • Unemployment in the Great Depression was 25%
  • Food becomes expensive, in the USA especially meat
  • Food shortages will increase
  • Soon 1.6 billion unemployed worldwide?
  • 10 million applications for short-time work in Germany
  • In the UK, 50% of adults depend on government payments
  • The world is a Potemkin village
  • FED of Atlanta expects 35% GDP collapse
  • The effect of the Fiat money dwindles more and more
  • Adjusted gold price 1980 at 18,100 dollars
  • Whosoever hath no gold today will suffer great loss
  • Physical bullion is partly available again, premiums remain high
  • Unimaginable events become conceivable
  • C19 is unmasked as a controlled action and causes more and more unrest
  • Material – Fiat Money – values perish
  • Think of silver

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland