Evergrande has what it takes to bring down the real estate house of cards. The equivalent of $300 billion in debt could have a major impact on world finances, and it is not impossible that China will not bail it out. The Chinese real estate bubble is worse than Japan's in the 1990s. Another shock could come from a failure to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, although that has always happened in the past. Almost 50% of spending is already credit-financed, so the limit must be raised. Eventually, the empire will lose power as its currency declines, and the Fed's strategic games will not stop the inevitable. The current correction in the price of gold represents an excellent opportunity to take precautionary measures now. When the bad loans become obvious, the house of cards will fall. The emperor has no clothes. Rapidly swelling reverse repos point to problems in the banking system, and economies and supply chains worldwide will be further impacted. Prepare.