Speaking recently with Palisades Gold Radio, Egon von Greyerz addresses an array of pertinent questions concerning the gold & silver markets in these extraordinary times.

Egon discusses the declining purchasing power of the USD, the inevitable money creation foreseen by the Biden/Yellen duo, the interplay of inflationary and deflationary forces and the clear warning that too much debt and monetary support of the same, like too much of anything, is a toxic plan which never ends well.

Additionally, Egon sheds further light on the increasingly open secret of shameless interference by the bullion banks and BIS to artificially repress and distort the paper price of gold and silver in a totally distorted (and levered) futures market. Recent attempts to short-squeeze such manipulators by the Reddit crowd, though valiant and headline making, is near-term of little consequence given the staggering fire-power of the LBMA banks and the “criminally immune” BIS. Ultimately, however, the macro setting of central bank over-reach and failed experimentalism confirms that the longer-term setting and direction for physical precious metals will continue its historical trend upwards, preserving wealth for investors who see the insurance rather than speculative role of gold and silver.

As, if not more importantly, Egon concludes that the best things in life cost very little. Once sound wealth preservation is calmly understood and achieved, the real wealth comes from enjoying (as well as helping) family and friends and other simple yet timeless joys.

Original source: Goldswitzerland

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