In this important interview Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management AG, answers questions of Jan Kneist’s Investor Talk.

Mine closures and selling restrictions are causing shortages of precious metals in the retail sector, but ETFs are experiencing large inflows of funds. Where do they get the gold, if at all?



  • 2.3 Trillion Dollar stimulus temporarily hold the market
  • 50% upward correction, new lows ahead?
  • A cycle of 200 years or longer is over
  • The FED balance sheet is inflated, as expected
  • All central banks will expand the balance sheets, print
  • Hyperinflation results from currency collapse, not demand
  • US debt doubles every 8 years
  • 2008 will not be repeated, a success of printing is unlikely
  • Gold in Euro reaches a new record high
  • FED balance Sheet/Gold chart speaks for Further Gold Rise
  • Gold is manipulated via the paper market
  • Physical scarcity of gold and silver, supply diminishing
  • ETFs record high inflows Where does the metal come from?
  • Gold ETF’s do not protect your assets
  • Central banks and bullion banks lend the same gold to ETFs multiple times
  • ETF’s are useless in a banking crisis
  • Can Matterhorn now fulfill great demand for gold?
  • Swiss refineries are again operating at 25% of capacity
  • Investments in gold at Matterhorn are now (still) possible without problems
  • Continue to provide, not only financially
  • The world economy is changing fundamentally, whole industries will disappear
  • More time for the family

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland

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