In this video, Egon von Greyerz, Grant Williams and Ronni Stoeferle, share unique insights on the most pressing themes of current markets and the road ahead.

This includes highly-experienced perspectives on risk asset valuations, crypto markets, inflationary direction, central bank pivots, derivative risk and significant (as well as alarming) trends in rate and currency markets. Naturally, each of these themes support a central thesis of empirical market and hence wealth risk, all of which culminate in a discussion of physical precious metals. Net conclusion: Gold is an essential allocation for investors dedicated to the historical task of sound risk management.

Egon opens the discussion as to the far-reaching and longer-term implications behind the recent FTX implosion in particular and the loss of trust in crypto markets in general. Grant, as well as Ronni, then address the more nuanced questions of “worth,” “valuation” and even “money” in this specific backdrop, debating as to whether or not it’s fair to separate BTC from the larger (and embarrassing) crypto narrative.

The conversation then turns to the massive risks percolating from the global debt, liquidity and hence derivative markets, all of which point toward recession forecasting for 2023--an all but forgone conclusion.

Of course, the equally important themes of inflation, interest rate and hence currency direction are squarely addressed, with each offering unique perspectives and views. What is ultimately agreed, however, is the growing significance of physical gold as a timely (as well as historical) instrument of managing each of the foregoing risk factors. As Grant observes, the closer one comes to understanding the overlapping (as opposed to isolated) importance of these macro themes, the more inevitable the “light bulb moment” of recognizing gold as an obvious choice for sophisticated investors/risk managers.

For those who have yet to experience such a golden “light bulb moment,” this video will bring you one step closer.  For those who already understand gold’s critical role as wealth management instrument, we are sure you will find wisdom and confirmation in the insights of this unique trio in the gold space.

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