Egon von Greyerz, sits down with Investor Talk’s Jan Kneist to discuss his outlook for 2024, which includes clear signs that now, more than ever, investors need to be prepared for an historic wealth transfer.

Egon opens with a brief explanation of the naturally evolved name change from Matterhorn Asset Management AG to VON GREYERZ AG. He places specific emphasis on the values and principles behind the family name--the very same values which will mark his enterprise for generations to come. As to looking forward, Egon’s core views of current and future financial conditions are driven by a consistent understanding of past lessons and patterns. Market patterns today, for example, are reminiscent of the boom and bust cycles of yesterday; he addresses the massive (and dangerous) over-valuation in current markets with greater detail.

As to inflation concerns, Egon’s conviction for a much higher inflationary end-game remains the same. Current Fed balance sheet tightening (QT) is also discussed. Given massive deficit levels in the US, the shift toward synthetic liquidity to monetize US debts will make future QE inevitable. As Egon reminds, demand for USTs is weakening not strengthening, a fact made even more obvious by the West’s absurd decision to freeze the FX reserves of a major economy like Russia.

In short, trust in the American IOU has now irrevocably fallen, all of which places more pressure on the Fed as the buyer of last resort for its own national debt—all classic characteristics of a banana republic.

Turning to gold, its superior performance over the last two decades remains ignored and misunderstood by the vast majority of pundits and investors. Of course, once this misunderstanding (and BIS-led great deception) becomes clear to more investors, the subsequent demand for this relatively fixed-supply asset will send gold’s price much higher in the years ahead. The DOW-Gold ratio, Egon argues, will reach 1:1, which means risk assets will see pain and physical gold will surge in price as global debt levels send markets and economies toward historical turning points, from the US to China.

This, of course, requires sophisticated investors to think more about preparation and wealth preservation over delusion and speculation. Gold, and VON GREYERZ, serve to provide such preservation.

Original source: VON GREYERZ AG

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