In this recent interview with SBTV (Silver Bullion Television), Matterhorn Asset Management founder, Egon von Greyerz, places his seminal focus on risk management in the specific context of precious metals. Egon begins with a father-of-the-bride speech given in 2002, in which he encouraged guests to buy gold. In the 18 years since he raised his glass, gold has increased by 7.5X…

Turning to current times, this passion and conviction for gold and silver remains. Egon reminds listeners than even such price appreciation is not the core driver behind Matterhorn’s conviction in precious metals, as its primary aim remains one of wealth preservation, by which precious metals serve as an undeniable and historically-confirmed antidote to openly fragmented currency and financial markets set in motion toward inevitable disaster when Nixon myopically left the gold standard in 1971. Egon tracks the gold market phases from 1999 through the low periods of 2011, and then the significant break above the $1350 “Maginot price line” in June of 2019 which portends a significant new bull cycle in gold.

As to the destruction of paper money subsequent to exaggerated central bank creation of fiat currencies around the globe, Egon bluntly describes such paper money as essentially worthless, factually reminding that since 1971, all currencies are down by 97-99% against gold. Despite such data (or Warren Buffet’s misguided yet infamous anti-gold statements), central bankers and pushers of Orwellian MMT fictions/propaganda are pretending fiat currencies still matter even as the mounting evidence of a move toward alternative digital/gold backed currencies are now inevitable.

When asked about the present lack of inflation despite unlimited global money printing, Egon candidly tracks its path into inflated asset classes rather than CPI-measured inflation. This, of course, leads to zero economic productivity and lowered money velocity, thereby blunting inflationary forces—for now. Humorously, central banks are posturing to “create” controlled inflation, which, eventually, they will not be able to control. Gold and silver, of course, serve as the best insurance against the massive inflationary risks on the horizon.

Turning toward the European Community, Egon’s outlook is less than optimistic that the $500 billion European Union Recovery Fund (and the additional $250 billion in loans) will solve the underlying bureaucratic and financial fissures that will ultimately break the debt back of this experimental union, which only works in good times and eventually disintegrates in bad times, such as now.

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland

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