Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg address gold’s recent “flash crash” in the context of technicals, fundamentals, and good ol’ fashioned price manipulation from the bullion banks. Toward this end, Egon gives careful attention to the technical indicators and their bullish trends/confirmations while Matthew digs deeper under the hood to reveal the relationship between Basel III regs, bullion bank gold shortages and the motives behind gold’s recent price decline.

Egon then addresses the historical pricing and hence buying opportunities for gold when measured against the broader money supply, confirming that precious metals have never been so seductively undervalued as they are today. For longer-term investors rather than short-term speculators, gold is particularly well priced, positioned and essential in the current backdrop of just staggering debt, market and currency risk. In short, the “flash crash” is merely a buying opportunity.

As to debt risk, debt cycles and the template of increased centralized controls by banks and governments, Matthew walks through the all-too sad yet familiar patterns of debt crises leading to social and economic instabilities which then inevitably usher in increased centralized control over financial and social systems, a trend all too familiar today, as Egon’s personal journey through financial and (hence) gold cycles confirm.

Original source: Matterhorn - GoldSwitzerland