Inflationary Shock On All Commodities
Published by Laurent Maurel | Oct 19, 2021 | Articles 13270

The tension on the copper prices is at risk of spreading to other metals such as magnesium, aluminum, silver, tin, zinc...These rises are not limited to the metals sector. All of the prices of commodities are undergoing a rise that is accelerating as the markets re-evaluate the extent of the monetary expansion policies.

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Lebanon Crisis: The IMF Knew In 2016 That The Banking System Would Collapse
Published by Philippe Herlin | Oct 14, 2021 | Articles 11669

The Swiss newspaper Le Temps published on October 6 an exclusive piece of information that did not get the coverage it deserved: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) knew as early as 2016 that the Lebanese banking system was going to collapse, but the central bank and its governor, Riad Salamé, had the fourteen pages of the report that anticipated the disaster deleted.

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The Madness Cannot Last - Sharing Real Facts Within a Surreal Financial System
Published by Egon Von Greyerz | Oct 11, 2021 | Articles 1114

Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg exchange thoughts on the real vs. surreal financial system. They specifically address the blunt reality of unimaginable debt levels, tanking GDP growth, rising inflation, negative-yielding bonds and declining consumer sentiment against a current environment of engineered market highs, SPAC and crypto mania and the semantic fantasy of policy makers pretending inflation is “transitory” rather than an unspoken and deliberate necessity.

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The Fed Heckled
Published by Laurent Maurel | Oct 5, 2021 | Articles 5829

After the Kaplan scandal, the Fed is fighting against another case of suspected insider trading this week. This time, the case concerns the trades made by the vice-president of the U.S. central bank, Richard Clarida. Clarida traded millions of dollars out of a bond fund into stock funds one day before Chair Jerome Powell issued a statement flagging possible policy action as the pandemic worsened, his 2020 financial disclosures show.

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Why is Gold Not Rising?
Published by Matthew Piepenburg | Sep 26, 2021 | Articles 7337

Gold is currently under attack for not “doing enough,” despite two years of double-digit rises. Gold investors, however, are not greedy, they are patient, and they hold this physical rather than paper asset for the long game. And as for that long game, the inflation ahead, as well destruction of the currency in your pocket today and tomorrow, means today’s gold price is not nearly as relevant an issue as gold’s role in protecting far-sighted investors from what’s ahead.

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