Silver – Better Than Gold?

Published by Marc Friedrich | Apr 12, 2022
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The price of gold could then rise to $3000 an ounce while the gold/silver ratio collapses at the same time. For silver, this would mean significantly higher price gains in percentage terms; a doubling of the price within a few quarters is quite conceivable, says Newmeyer. For a time horizon of three...

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After Inflation, Here Come The Shortages

Published by Philippe Herlin | Mar 30, 2022
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We can already hear the leaders of Western countries blaming Putin for the rise in prices... It's very convenient, but it's not true: it's their money printing, to finance their deficits, which has long been feeding the current inflation. The war in Ukraine only reinforces and accelerates this trend...

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Fighting Inflation Is A Top Priority

Published by Laurent Maurel | Mar 30, 2022
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Even if this is not the path chosen by the Japanese central bank, more and more observers believe that the fight against inflation must be a top priority in order to avoid the predicted disasters of war and famine to which these periods of inflation logically lead.

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