India’s War on Cash and Gold

Published by Dan Popescu | Dec 1, 2016

Nothing could have reinforced the lack of confidence in the banking system more and persuaded the ‘black’ financial system to remain than the chaos in which the removal of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes was done. It confirms gold as the foundation of the ‘black money’ system in India, hidden from offi...

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Gold and Deflation

Published by Dan Popescu | Oct 25, 2016

In a hyperinflationary period gold will reflect the devaluation of paper/electronic money while in a deflationary period it will reflect the collapse of the banking system and people will resort to gold as in extremis money again.

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The Yuan, SDR and Gold

Published by Dan Popescu | Oct 5, 2016

The SDR is just a step in the long strategy of China to eliminate the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” and that gold will play a major role at the negotiating table

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The Gold Standard

Published by Dan Popescu | Jun 22, 2016

Gold through thousands of years of testing has become the standard. It is the standard against which every currency is tested and compared; even crypto-currencies can’t stop being compared to gold.

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Gold and the Minsky Moment

Published by Dan Popescu | Mar 21, 2016

The debt crisis is a direct consequence of exiling gold from the international monetary system. It cannot be replaced by the dollar or any other irredeemable currency. Under the dollar system debt simply cannot be extinguished.

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Nomi Prins: Entering Into a Global Bear Market

Published by Dan Popescu | Feb 5, 2016

Here are the key points raised in this interview with Nomi Prins: International codependency of countries  Have central banks reached their limit? Are central banks in panic mode? Too big to fail banks Gold and the potential ban of cash Gold vs the US dollar...

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Iran, Saudi Arabia and Gold

Published by Dan Popescu | Feb 2, 2016

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are to be watched closely as it concerns official gold reserves in 2016. Pressure has been mounting recently on Saudi Arabia to de-link the riyal from the US dollar and, if it happens, I am sure it will be positive for gold.

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Russia and Gold

Published by Dan Popescu | Jan 20, 2016

  The 2008 financial crisis marks the return of gold into the international monetary system. It is also the beginning of currency wars. 2008 is also the year central banks stopped selling gold reserves and instead started buying. In this currency wars that will lead to a reset of the int...

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What Will Replace the US Dollar: SDRs or Gold?

Published by Dan Popescu | Jan 4, 2016

  To answer the question of which of the SDRs or gold will replace the US dollar we need first to know what each is. For gold it’s very simple. One gram of gold is just a yellow metal that weights one gram. Its physical characteristics make it quite easy to identify and measure and they...

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Where Is All The Gold Going?

Published by Dan Popescu | Oct 20, 2015

  Thanks to a set of excellent charts on gold imports vs exports by Nick Laird (, I would like to give you a brief outlook of where is gold going. We heard for some time that gold is moving to the Far East but is it really only moving there? Well if we start with the US...

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Why a Gold Standard?

Published by Dan Popescu | Sep 21, 2015

  In this article I want to approach the idea of a gold standard from a more “regular people” perspective rather than from a “high academic” economic/finance and, sometimes, legalistic perspective. I constantly read books and articles full of mathematics written by the economic academia,...

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