Gold’s role in solving the Euro crisis, South Korea diversifies further into gold, U.S. government is part of the war on Silver

How the Gold and Silver Prices Are Determined ?
Published Aug 2, 2012 on Goldbroker

Understanding how are determined the prices of gold and silver. It is imperative to understand Precious Metal Pricing

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Going For The Gold As Governments Destroy Currencies
Published Jul 31, 2012 on KingWorldNews

Michael Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies, writes for King World News to put global readers ahead of the curve, once again, on what is unfolding as a result of the major, and unprecedented moves by central banks.

Michael Pento warned, “It is now becoming blatantly apparent that the central banks of the developed world are becoming desperate in their pursuit to fight deflation.” Pento also clarified, “... a central bank can always create inflation when they so choose. All they need is a firm commitment to destroy the value of the currency, and a government that is compliant towards that goal.”

Pento also stated that key governments are on board with that agenda: “That situation is quickly coming into fruition in Japan, Europe and the United States.”

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The War on Silver
Published Jul 23, 2013 on Silverseek

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