China Converting U.S. Dollar Debt Holdings Into Gold, The Great Chinese Gold Rush, Fed Trapped by Money Printing, The Massive Drawdown of Gold From the West Continues

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Nov 8, 2013 | Press Review

China Converting U.S. Dollar Debt Holdings Into Gold At Accelerating Rate
Published Nov 6, 2013 on Munknee

China, Russia and other nations are exiting their dollar-denominated holdings in favor of gold. This action should put pressure on the dollar and U.S. treasuries, pushing not only central banks, but mainstream investors towards the safety of precious metals and other tangible assets that cannot be defaulted on. There will be a rush out of dollars and into assets with no counter-party risk, it is just a matter of how soon it happens.

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Tracing The Great Chinese Gold Rush
Published Nov 4, 2013 on Zerohedge

As we recently noted, China is taking over the world on gold bar at a time. This growing world super-power has, it would appear (by words [3] and deeds [4]) grown tired of being on the receiving end of the USDollar and Fed money printing. The Real Asset Company illustrates [5] how, in the space of a few decades, China has opened up her huge gold market which is now hungrily devouring the world's physical gold.

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Escape From The Dollar - Mike Whitney Interviews Paul Craig Roberts
Published Nov 5, 2013 on Paulcraigroberts

Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Fed has backed itself into a corner. A rise in interest rates would strengthen the dollar, give the dollar new life as world reserve currency, and halt the movement into gold, but a rise in rates would collapse the bond and stock markets and reduce the value of derivatives on the banks’ balance sheets. I asked Dr. Roberts if the Fed would sacrifice the dollar in order to save the banks and what the effect would be on Washington’s power viv-a-vis the rest of the world. His answers to these questions suggest that Washington’s days of financial hegemony and world leadership are numbered.

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ECB Cuts Key Rate to Record Low to Fight Deflation Threat
Published Nov 7, 2013 on Bloomberg

The European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low after a drop in inflation to the slowest pace in four years threatened its mission to keep prices stable.

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Gold Monkey-Hammered Below $1300
Published Nov 7, 2013 on Zerohedge

he initial ramp-and-revert in gold (and silver) prices gave way to a $20 price collapse once Draghi began speaking - as if someone decided that Draghi's speech was somehow 'credibility-providing' for the status quo... Gold futures saw volume explode as he began speaking (and US GDP pronted) but price plunged and volume legged even higher as Draghi mentioned the 'd' word...

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3 Min. Gold News
Published Nov 7, 2013 on Elaine Diane Taylor

3 Minute Gold News A Quick Read for Busy People A 3 minute synopsis of the recent interview with Jim Rickards, best selling author of Currency Wars and Senior Managing Director at Tangent Capital, by Dennis Tubbergen of Everything Financial Radio.

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Paul Craig Roberts-Fed Trapped by Money Printing
Published Nov 3, 2013 on YouTube

Economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the Fed is never going to stop printing money. Dr. Roberts contends, "They're trapped because you can't expect them to say let's blow up the world right now so we don't have a crisis in the dollar next year." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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This Is The Single Greatest Danger Facing The World Today
Published Nov 6, 2013 on Kingworldnews

On the heels of many global stock markets hitting new all-time highs, James Turk, who has been trading major markets for over four decades spoke with King World News about the greatest single danger facing the financial world today.

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Mike Maloney's Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold & Silver
Published Nov 5, 2013 on Zerohedge

As Mike "Hidden Secrets Of Money" Maloney has said many times before, the economic crisis of 2008 was only a speed bump on the way to the main event. He believes that before the end of this decade there will be an economic crisis so historic that it will eclipse the crash of 29 and the subsequent great depression. He also believes it is both unavoidable and inevitable, because it is merely the free market releasing the stored up energy from decades of economic manipulation. As Maolney notes, "the best investment that you will ever make in your lifetime is your own financial education," and the following provides a succinct reminder of the top reasons to buy gold and silver...

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When The World's Largest Gold Vault Gets Cleaned Out
Published Nov 8, 2013 on Dailyreckoning

There’s a stunning development in the world of gold buying and selling. In fact, there’s a massive gold shortage across conventional markets. This shortage may be a precursor for a price melt-up. Let’s look at some charts.

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Jesse's Café Américain: The Massive Drawdown of Gold From the West Continues - Silver Comparison - the Abyss
Published Nov 4, 2013 on Blogspot

Here is the change, in tonnes, in the inventory of major exchanges and ETFs for gold and silver since the beginning of the year. As you may recall, both silver and gold have seen price declines since the beginning of the year. As a reminder, silver is down 28.7% and gold is down 21.5%. I show this in the last chart. So they have both seen comparably stiff price declines this year. Since the beginning of the year, the major exchanges and ETFs for silver have added about 1,494 tonnes of bullion.

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Jesse's Café Américain: Comex Deliverable Gold Falls to 658,443 Ounces, Claims Per Deliverable Ounce at 55
Published Nov 2, 2013 on Blogspot

There was a change in status of 48,652 ounces of gold bullion in the JPM warehouse which were withdrawn from the registered to the eligible category. Apparently someone had a change of heart. Big change of heart.

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How Basel III Rules Augment Systemic Risk
Published Nov 7, 2013 on Goldbroker

Even if its goals are laudable, a tough regulation always generates perverse effects. Such is the case with Basel III, and it's a shame, because it's the solidity of our banks that is concerned.

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Goldman Sachs Under Investigation in Currency Probe
Published Nov 7, 2013 on Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), the world's most profitable securities firm before the financial crisis, said it's under investigation by regulators probing the potential manipulation of foreign-exchange rates.

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