How High Will Gold Go?, Gold Will Reflect the Fall of the Dollar, How a Gold Standard Would Be Beneficial, The Fed Can Only Fail

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Nov 2, 2013 | Press Review

Gold Will Reflect the Fall of the Dollar and Other Currencies by Rising Parabolically
Published Oct 28, 2013 on Goldbroker

The Euro which is a rubbish currency is up 8% against the dollar since July and over 65% since 2000. So even against another weak currency, the dollar is losing ground rapidly. And in real terms which of course is gold, the dollar has lost 98% since the creation of the Fed in 1913. So the dollar fall has started and will accelerate in the next few months as well as during 2014.

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Jim Sinclair: How High Will Gold Go?
Published Oct 31, 2013 on Goldbroker

How high will gold go? Sinclair predicts, by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.” By 2020, Sinclair predicts, “Emancipated gold will be $50,000 per ounce.”

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Jim Rickards explains how a gold standard would be beneficial
Published Oct 28, 2013 on Goldseek

A better system would be, gold is money. I know it’s a little inconvenient for people to walk around with gold coins. I know people use to do that. There’s nothing wrong with having a paper representation of the gold, but it has to be tantamount to a warehouse receipt. As you described, it has to be something where I can walk into any treasury or any bank or maybe a post office or whatever and get a fixed amount of gold, no questions asked. That’s a real gold standard where the money is backed up by gold.

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Why Gold Is Ascending As The World’s Premier Currency
Published Oct 30, 2013 on Kingworldnews

On the heels some rowdy trading after the FOMC Meeting, a man out of Europe who has been extremely accurate with his calls on the gold market sent King World News two fantastic charts and powerful commentary which explain why gold is ascending as the world’s premier currency. KWN was given exclusive distribution rights to the outstanding piece by Ronald-Peter Stoferle of Incrementum AG out of Lichtenstein.

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The Dollar Reserve Equilibrium Is Breaking Down
Published Oct 28, 2013 on Goldswitzerland

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management Zurich, London-based investment manager John Butler met with German financial journalist Lars Schall in Munich to discuss some of the major aspects of international affairs as they relate to the sphere of finance. In Part 1 (18 minutes) of this tremendous and informative video interview they focus in particular on the U.S. dollar and the challenges that may arise if China would back the yuan with gold. Butler: if gold would be remonetized in a historical proper fashion, its price would be a lot higher.

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The Fed Can Only Fail
Published Oct 25, 2013 on Peakprosperity

Sooner or later, everything must cease growing, or it will exhaust its environs and thereby destroy itself. The Fed is busy doing everything in its considerable power to get credit (that is, debt) growing again so that we can get back to what it considers to be "normal."

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Chris Powell: Gold price suppression -- why, how, and how long? | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Published Oct 30, 2013 on Gata

Most financial journalism and academic teaching maintains that gold is at best a quaint antique. I'm here to argue that gold not only remains money but may again be the best and most important money -- to argue that, even more than this, gold is in fact the secret knowledge of the financial universe.

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40-Year Market Veteran Says Gold & Silver Will Super-Surge
Published Oct 28, 2013 on Kingworldnews

On the heels of what appears to be an eerie calmness in global markets, James Turk, who has been trading major markets for over four decades told King World News that the gold and silver markets are now set up to super-surge. He also provided two powerful charts which illustrate why the metals are now set up to soar.

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