Interview of Jim Willie, Gold & Silver Inventory Reports Are Fraudulent, Shortage Of Physical Gold, Possibility of Gold Confiscation

Interview of Jim Willie About the manipulation in the Gold and Silver Paper Markets
Published Jun 7, 2013 on Goldbroker

How long can the manipulation of the precious metal markets last ? In view of the on-going manipulation in the gold and silver paper markets, Fabrice Drouin Ristori has decided to do a multi-interview with three prominent voices in the precious metal markets, and ask them exactly the same questions about gold and silver manipulation.

After Chris Powell, here is the second interview with Jim Willie of

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The Current Level of Physical Gold Trading Is Incredible
Published Jun 4, 2013 on Goldbroker

The LBMA reported record gold transactions in April, of plus 25%. This is the highest level since gold peaked in September of 2011. So physical trading is at the same level where it was when gold was at its peak at $1,900. That’s extraordinary. The level of physical gold trading is incredible.

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There Is A Tremendous Shortage Of Physical Gold Out There
Published Jun 7, 2013 on Kingworldnews

A legend in the business told King World News that right now there is a tremendous shortage of physical gold. Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke about what is really taking place behind the scenes during this gold raid.

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The Longer Term Fundamentals of the Gold Market As They Are Today
Published Jun 1, 2013 on Jesse's Café Américain

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that the fundamentals for world gold supply and demand have changed dramatically over the past ten years at least.

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India Central Bank Prohibits Sales Of Gold Coins
Published Jun 6, 2013 on Zerohedge

Two weeks ago, with its current account getting crushed by relentless gold imports, India's finance minister Chidambaram literally begged the people to stop buying gold. Judging by the popular response, the ongoing physical shortage, and last night's increase in Indian gold import duties from 6% to 8%, appealing to people's feeling when it comes to the choice of fiat vs physical, has failed miserably.

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The Comex Confirms That Its Gold and Silver Inventory Reports Are Fraudulent!
Published Jun 4, 2013 on Silverdoctors

The information in this report is taken from sources believed to be reliable; however, the Commodity Exchange, Inc. disclaims all liability whatsoever with regard to its accuracy or completeness. This report is produced for information purposes only.

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Don't Dismiss the Possibility of Gold Confiscation | Casey Research
Published Jun 6, 2013 on Caseyresearch

You probably distrust governments in general and believe they are self-serving and have no interest in your economic well-being. It is likely that your holdings in gold are your lifeline – your hope to get you through these times while holding on to your wealth. But have you ever given any thought to the possibility of having this lifeline confiscated by the authorities?

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