Assault On Gold and Silver, Cyprus To Sell €400 Million In Gold, Incredibly Powerful Gold Charts, The Golden Ratio

Assault On Gold and Silver - Fed Drives Down the Prices
Published Apr 9, 2013 on Goldbroker

For Americans, financial and economic Armageddon might be close at hand. The evidence for this conclusion is the concerted effort by the Federal Reserve and its dependent financial institutions to scare people away from gold and silver by driving down their prices.

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There is no reason for investors in gold and silver to be nervous
Published Apr 5, 2013 on Goldbroker

By Egon von Greyerz, founder of (Matterhorn Asset Management AG) and member of the board of directors of Gold is down and investors are nervous. We have to ask ourselves, have any of the fundamentals changed? The answer is no, they haven't.

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Here We Go: Cyprus To Sell €400 Million In Gold, About 75% Of Its Total Holdings, To Finance Part Of Its Bailout
Published Apr 10, 2013 on Zerohedge

Cyprus has agreed to sell excess gold reserves to raise around 400 million euros and help finance its part of its bailout, an assessment of Cypriot financing needs prepared by the European Commission showed.

The draft assessment, obtained by Reuters, also said that Cyprus would raise 10.6 billion euros from the winding down of Laiki Bank and the losses imposed on junior bondholders and the deposit-for-equity swap for uninsured deposits in the Bank of Cyprus.

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4 Stunning & Incredibly Powerful Gold Charts
Published Apr 11, 2013 on Kingworldnews

The bottoming process in gold and gold mining shares continues to be an extended and frustrating affair. Nevertheless, the fundamental rationale for positioning physical bullion and gold mining shares seems more compelling than ever.

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Even the Money Printers Are Buying Gold
Published Apr 9, 2013 on Goldseek

Anyone who wants to get to the truth behind the inflationary threats to their wealth should ignore everything the Central Banks say about inflation and look instead at their actions.

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Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion
Published Apr 8, 2013 on Bloomberg

Distrust of the Federal Reserve and concern that U.S. dollars may become worthless are fueling a push in more than a dozen states to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender. Arizona is poised to follow Utah, which authorized bullion for currency in 2011.

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The Golden Ratio: Using Gold To Price Market Data
Published Apr 9, 2013 on Visualcapitalist

Measuring market data using fiat currencies can be misleading - even though an asset may rise in dollars, it may be because of declining currency value rather than true economic process.

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Is Christine Lagarde Really Speaking For the IMF?
Published Apr 11, 2013 on Goldbroker

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, saluted the restructuration of Japan's monetary policy, which constitutes a welcome support to world growth

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Canadian Broadcasting Corp. to air 'The Secret World of Gold'
Published Apr 10, 2013 on Gata

The Secret World of Gold is a documentary exploring the power and politics of gold, a precious metal with more allure and fascination than any other. Valued for its permanence, beauty and scarcity, people will lie, cheat, steal and kill in the name of gold.

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