Press review : Eurozone crisis is not over, QE4 is here, Gold and Silver poised for major move

Philippe Herlin : Eurozone's Fragile Structure
Published Dec 13, 2012 on Goldbroker

We won't be cruel by reminding you that François Hollande, recently, and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, last spring, had declared the Eurozone crisis " over "... All the different bailout plans are only fragile undertakings, and the smallest shock can bring them down, as we know and are witnessing right now.

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The fundamental and technical picture could not be better for gold and silver
Published Dec 14, 2012 on Goldbroker

The major operators of the paper market in precious metals are using all the ammunition they have available to suppress the price of gold and silver.

But they have an extremely powerful opponent in China which continues to increase the gold imports at a remarkable rate. In 2012 China has so far imported 500 tons of gold against 375 tons for 2011. Total Chinese production and imports for 2012 is 900 tons against 750 last year.

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Buy Gold - Fed To Print Over $1,000,000,000,000 Per Year
Published Dec 13, 2012 on Kingworldnews

Money manager Stephen Leeb spoke with King World News about the FOMC meeting and what is happening with gold and silver:

“Yesterday was Fed day and the Fed didn’t surprise too many people when they announced they were going to buy $85 billion worth of government paper each month. If you do the calculations that comes to $1 trillion per year. This leaves me speechless $1 trillion worth of paper each year.”

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If One Has Wealth To Preserve, The Time For Action Is Now
Published Dec 12, 2012 on Kingworldnews

Fitzwilson, who is founder of The Portola Group, discusses the true price of gold and silver, confiscation, price suppression, coming shortages, and what powerful entities are doing in this chaotic environment.

“If one has wealth to preserve, the time for action is now. There are no pitchforks or torches visible yet, but there will come a time when the “free” mob will demand that governments consume all wealth. Real assets, particularly gold, silver and agricultural real estate have historically been considered safe ground. Switch out of fiat money and fixed income before it is too late. It is your best chance to stay wealthy and emerge from the old financial system not only intact, but perhaps wealthier than you ever imagined.”

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Germans buy more gold on economic uncertainty
Published Dec 12, 2012 on Mineweb

Germans are increasingly buying gold because of fears about economic uncertainty and a third of them are now considering gold as part of their investments, a study from German precious metals group Heraeus Holding GmbH said on Tuesday.

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Just coincidence? Queen is trotted through Bank of England's gold vault
Published Dec 13, 2012 on Gata

Maybe it's just a coincidence but maybe instead it's a propaganda campaign launched by the British government and the Bank of England to assuage growing international concern about the oversubscription, lending, and swapping of Western central bank reserves.

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Gold is a leading indicator of monetary distress
Published Dec 11, 2012 on Goldseek

In December 2012, it is clear the bankers drew a ‘line in the sand’ in September 2011 to prevent another rapid ascent in the price of gold. To some, this ‘line in the sand’ presents a major barrier to gold’s advance. But, in reality, the bankers’ line in the sand represents the bankers’ desperate last ditch attempt to prevent the inevitable from happening.

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In India, 'investment in gold is like social security'
Published Dec 12, 2012 on Gata

India, the world's largest bullion buyer, should mobilize idle gold lying with its citizens to curb imports and lower a record current-account deficit, according to the All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation.

"Even if the depositors bring in unaccounted gold, the government should not ask them about the source," the federation's Bamalwa said. "Indians will continue spending on gold for marriages and festivals. In a country like India, there is no scheme for social security, and investment in gold is like a social security."

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