Gold Investors need to be Patient, What's Happening to the Gold Market, 7 Fantastic Gold Charts

Gold investors need to be patient: Time is on the side of the longs, and solidly against the bears
Published Feb 26, 2013 on Goldbroker

Investors just need to be patient. We have been in a 17-month consolidation and this is quite normal in bull markets. All this type of action does is build massive energy for the next move. So investors simply need to sit tight and hold on to their positions in gold and silver.

Time is on the side of the longs, and solidly against the bears.

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European Banks Still Under Perfusion From the ECB
Published Feb 28, 2013 on Goldbroker

The banking sector and the European authorities say that the crisis is over. They show this confidence by pointing out that certain banks have started to pay these LTROs by anticipation. But let’s put things in perspective : Up to this moment, only 212 billion euros have been reimbursed, or one-fifth of the total amount, and the rythm of repayment is slowing down, which is worrisome.

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Investments : A Look at the Last Two Decades and the Future
Published Feb 26, 2013 on Goldbroker

It is difficult to determine what sort of investments one should go for. Sure, « past performances can’t vouch for future performances », but they can influence them, and analysing them may let us discern the large on-going trends. So, let’s take a look in the rear-view mirror.

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Fitzpatrick put together 7 fantastic gold charts where he laid out the explosive roadmap for gold going forward
Published Feb 25, 2013 on Kingworldnews

With the wild recent trading action in gold and silver, top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick put together 7 fantastic gold charts where he laid out the explosive roadmap for gold going forward. Fitzpatrick believes that his call for a doubling of the gold price from current levels may now prove to be too “conservative.”

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Seriously, Casey Research, What's Happening to the Gold Market?
Published Feb 25, 2013 on Caseyresearch

Given the profoundly bearish sentiment that has gripped so many participants in the resource sector, particularly gold investors, we decided to poll the chief editors at Casey Research regarding the current sell-off. We recognize the severity of the situation and want readers to know we're taking it very seriously.

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Gold's bull run not over, it's just taking a break
Published Mar 1, 2013 on Marketwatch

After five months of declines in gold prices, it’s still not time to call an end to gold’s bull run.

After all, the factors that contributed to gold’s fifth straight monthly decline — central-bank monetary-policy cues, economic data, currency fluctuations, asset relocation, and emerging markets — are generally the same as they’ve been for gold’s more-than-decade-long bull run.

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CNBC's Santelli gets it: 'Paper gold' suppresses the price of real gold
Published Feb 27, 2013 on Gata

"Paper gold," securitized gold, pretty much defeats the purpose of investing in gold in the first place, Santelli said, insofar as it may be hard to tell if there really is any gold behind the paper.

Anyone buying paper gold in the hope of price appreciation might as well flush his money down the toilet, as such purchases may not take any real metal off the market.

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Mexico's audit office tells Bank of Mexico to verify gold held at Bank of England
Published Feb 26, 2013 on Gata

Mexican financial journalist and agitator for accountability in government Guillermo Barba reports that the Mexican government audit office has reprimanded the Bank of Mexico for failing to verify its supposed purchase of $4.5 billion of gold vaulted at the Bank of England.

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