Store Gold Outside the Banking System, Gold Will Now Move Substantially Higher, Gold Hits Seven-Week High

Why should we Store our Gold Outside the Banking System ?
Published Jul 20, 2012 on Goldbroker

There are many risks associated with storing gold within the banking system, namely the risk of bankruptcy or government confiscation. But there is also a more complex risk related to the price manipulation.

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The Libor Scandal In Full Perspective
Published Jul 19, 2012 on Paulcraigroberts

The article about the Libor scandal, coauthored with Nomi Prins, received much attention, with Internet repostings, foreign translation, and video interviews. To further clarify the situation, this article brings to the forefront implications that might not be obvious to those without insider experience and knowledge.

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Hathaway Predicts Gold Will Now Move Substantially Higher
Published Jul 25, 2012 on KingWorldNews

John Hathaway told King World News, “The issues for paper currencies are not isolated to the euro or the dollar, it’s the whole system that’s based on unanchored paper currencies.”

The prolific manager of the Tocqueville Gold Fund also warned, “We are at the end game for all of that, and over the next three or four years I think we will see gold reintroduced in an official monetary role.” But he cautioned, “That can only be done at substantially higher valuations in terms of paper currency.”

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Gold Rises as ECB President Throws Europe a Lifeline
Published Jul 27, 2012 on Goldinvestingnews

Gold futures tracked higher Thursday on comments from the European Central Bank (ECB) president that the ECB will do “whatever it takes” to save the Eurozone from collapse.

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Gold Hits Seven-Week High On Chart Momentum After Recent ECB Comments
Published Jul 27, 2012 on Forbes

U.S. gold futures rallied to their highest level in nearly seven weeks Friday as the market gained technical-chart momentum after getting boosted the last two days by comments from European Central Bank officials.

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