Gold Under Short Selling Pressure From Hedge Funds

Published by Laurent Maurel | Sep 28, 2021
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But the gold prices are not responding to the law of supply and physical demand. They are dependent on transactions on the futures markets, where the fund managers have more influence over the prices thanks to their paper investments with a high leverage effect...even if they don’t have a single oun...

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Gold Is Outperforming Bonds

Published by Laurent Maurel | Sep 8, 2021
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Since the start of this century, gold has offered a far better return than bonds. It was this outperforming of the bonds by gold that took it into its bullish phase from 2002 to 2010. The central banks intervened in 2010 to break this cycle, but we have initiated a second cycle of gold outperforming...

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Uncontrollable Inflation: A Danger For The U.S. Consumer

Published by Laurent Maurel | Aug 11, 2021
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Acting straight away on the rates would have an even more devastating effect on the system as a whole. This is the impasse that the central banks have now got themselves into, in their interventionist policies. Acting straight away will break the engine. That’s what the math is telling us. Gold and...

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The COMEX Bombarded and Gold Purchases by the BRICS

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jul 22, 2021
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The sales of futures on the COMEX market, now seen almost every day, are colliding with a background trend for the purchasing of gold by the other central banks, which are starting to lose patience and want to cover themselves in relation to the risks of devaluation of their assets in terms of state...

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The Controlling Of Gold Prices Continues

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jul 14, 2021
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Like many fixed-income securities, the gold prices are completely detached from supply and demand. The mechanism for determining prices is distorted by ‘tools’ that enable the monetary authorities to alter the perception of their inflationary monetary policies.

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Gold Is Lagging Behind The Yields

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jul 7, 2021
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In the last few weeks, gold has not followed the curve of the rates and there is now a decorrelation between the 10-year rates and the gold price. Since 2009, the two indices have been following one another fairly closely, and the latest gaps between the curves of these two indices have always been...

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Inflation Spreads Toward Europe

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jun 30, 2021
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The economic actors’ confidence regarding the central banks’ ability to correct this inflation, which they deem to be transitory, is certainly not open to question today. However, without rapid and specific action by these central banks (particularly on interest rates), this patience, which is also...

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Gold Is Oversold

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jun 23, 2021
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What was it that caused the sheer scale of this fall? Did the Fed raise interest rates brusquely and sharply, leading to a reaction like this on gold? The conclusions of the Fed’s meeting last week are far from dramatic, though. Nonetheless, they had the effect of an electric shock.

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Is Inflation Transitory or Persistent?

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jun 9, 2021
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The “match” between the two camps (the inflationists versus those who are convinced of the transitory impact of the rise in prices) is leading, as one would logically expect, to this very volatile phase on the gold and silver metals markets.

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Gold Price: Monthly Breakout

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jun 2, 2021
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The price of gold rose above $1900 at the start of the week and has since stabilized around this level. It is the first time this important threshold has been reached since last January. In terms of the monthly charts, gold is in a confirmed breakout of its consolidation “flag” which will have laste...

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An Increasingly Favorable Environment For Gold

Published by Laurent Maurel | May 18, 2021
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For the time being, the breakout is contained, the gold prices are relatively controlled, and the figures for inflation and the value of the dollar ought to propel gold to greater heights, something that is not the case at the moment. This control of prices comes at a cost, however. Selling paper co...

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