Gold Finds Buyers Below $1800

Published by Laurent Maurel | Feb 8, 2022
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We would therefore be in a much faster dynamic than in 2016, with uncontrollable inflation and a corporate credit market already in free fall: a configuration that increases the risks of a major monetary policy error. At such a level, it is perhaps this risk that gold is highlighting.

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Fed Promises To Resume Rate Hikes - Volatility Returns

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jan 27, 2022
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If the rate hike that has been decided on turns into a bluff, inflation is likely to get out of control and that will have even more damaging consequences. It is urgent to break this inflationary spiral to avoid much more serious societal problems! This stalemate in which the Fed has settled benefit...

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The Danger Of Letting Inflation Run Rife In Europe

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jan 12, 2022
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The reserves for the next rise in gold are certainly present in Germany and in other countries with high savings rates. At the same time, faced with this inflationary shock, we are witnessing the confidence that these savers have in the ECB being eroded a little more with each passing day. In those...

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2022, The Year Of Precious Metals?

Published by Laurent Maurel | Jan 5, 2022
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2022 is beginning in a very different environment than that of last year. This is the time of year when it is necessary to consult the major institutions’ forecasts regarding the evolution of the gold price in 2022.

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Inflation Made a Dramatic Entrance to Europe

Published by Laurent Maurel | Dec 1, 2021
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The next stage of the inflationary cycle that we are currently traversing will involve efforts to control the prices by the authorities, which will logically trigger even more pronounced shortages in a production chain that is already greatly weakened by the sanitary crisis and by the rise in transp...

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Backwardation On All The Metals

Published by Laurent Maurel | Nov 24, 2021
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These interventions on the futures markets now only have very transitory effects, and at the same time, they are reinforcing the tensions on the physical side. Each enforced correction on the paper market prompts a veritable run on the physical metal. This holds true for the entire metals compartmen...

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A Turnaround In Gold In Relation To The Indices

Published by Laurent Maurel | Nov 10, 2021
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The consumer prices index (CPI) published in the United States is a shock for the last of the faithful believers still clinging to the myth of ‘transitory’ inflation. Prices of gold and silver are breaking out. Over the long term, we note that this Gold/Copper pairing is a fairly reliable indicator...

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Inflationary Shock On All Commodities

Published by Laurent Maurel | Oct 19, 2021
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The tension on the copper prices is at risk of spreading to other metals such as magnesium, aluminum, silver, tin, zinc...These rises are not limited to the metals sector. All of the prices of commodities are undergoing a rise that is accelerating as the markets re-evaluate the extent of the monetar...

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Stagflation Takes Hold

Published by Laurent Maurel | Oct 13, 2021
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We have entered the cycle of stagflation, which combines a continuous rise in prices and a slowing down of economic activity, precisely because of these sudden losses of purchasing power.

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