An Increasingly Favorable Environment For Gold

Published by Laurent Maurel | May 18, 2021
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For the time being, the breakout is contained, the gold prices are relatively controlled, and the figures for inflation and the value of the dollar ought to propel gold to greater heights, something that is not the case at the moment. This control of prices comes at a cost, however. Selling paper co...

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Gold Is Not Expensive Compared To Stocks

Published by Laurent Maurel | Apr 29, 2021
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The investors who are buying gold today are protecting themselves from both of these risks: the risk of currency devaluation (gold is a safe haven when fiat currencies lose their value) and the risk that this bubble will burst. In relation to this last point, it should also be noted that gold has on...

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Silver Short Squeeze: A New Silver Rush?

Published by Laurent Maurel | Apr 23, 2021
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The Silver Short Squeeze movement has shaken up all of the custodians of the metals, who must now respond to clients who are increasingly anxious about the authenticity of their metals accounts. We know that today, the silver market is founded on a derivatives system where there are far more virtual...

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Inflation: The Biggest Issue Facing The U.S. Today

Published by Laurent Maurel | Mar 30, 2021
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Every hyperinflationist event in history has resulted in a monetary collapse. It is not the increase in demand for goods and services or an aggressive rate policy that has caused these hyperinflations. These phenomena have always been due to poor monetary policies, involving currency devaluation. Hy...

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It Is Decision Time For Gold

Published by Laurent Maurel | Mar 23, 2021
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Since January, gold has come back to the bottom of its consolidation flag, then in fact regained its bear trend set off in this dollar short squeeze. This was decision time for gold, at a crucial moment where we are witnessing a exhaustion of the dollar short squeeze and a cracking of the entire bon...

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Sentiment in Gold at a Lower Level

Published by Laurent Maurel | Mar 9, 2021
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At present, gold in any case is continuing its correction in this context of rising interest rates. Disengagement on gold ETFS funds continued last week after a record 12 consecutive days of decrease. The last liquidation of these ETFS that was so intense goes back to the correction of December 2016...

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